The Lawn Treatment Service You Need

Your home exterior is the first thing your guests see when they visit your property. A well-maintained garden contributes to your physical and emotional well-being. Therefore, it is in your interest to care for your landscape. DecoGarden Lawn will give you a helping hand. We understand how difficult it is to mulch, water, trim, and remove weeds regularly, so we are ready to assist you with all those tasks. Our hardscape contractor is situated in Pompano Beach, FL, and below, you can gather more information about our services.

Provided Services

When your lawn has yellowish grass, some bald patches, here and there, or the grass is not lush, our landscapers will come to inspect the area and test the soil. If the soil lacks nutrients, then mulching always helps. The services we carry out are tailored specifically for your yard. You can rely on our team for professional landscaping, hardscaping, and adequate lawn maintenance. We fertilize, sod, and mow, we provide yard cleanups as well, discover more about what we can do for you by clicking on our Services page!

Working Techniques

Even though there are landscaping companies who implement different working methods, our work is entirely based on our clients’ needs and desires. Depending on what problems we discover, our lawn treatment service will comply with your lawn’s unique requirements. To understand what our customers need, we listen carefully and suggest ways to help achieve those goals.

What You Gain from Our Services

By selecting our lawn landscaping services and working with our crew regularly, you will have a vibrant garden at all times. Landscaping is overwhelming for most homeowners, and it is our mission to take that burden off your shoulders. We can help you select the right plants for your beautiful yard and maintain them. All our services will comply with your budget, too.

Like most local grass cutting companies in Pompano Beach, FL, our team can provide you with reliable and timely services. To learn more about our work and rates, give us a call today.